Published On: Thu, Mar 30th, 2017

Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu and Manoj Bajpayee visited Gargi college

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It is not everyday that you get to learn self-defence techniques from Akshay Kumar. The students of Gargi College got this opportunity when the team of ‘Naam Shabana’, including Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu and Manoj Bajpayee, visited the college on Monday. The actors not only promoted their upcoming movie, but also urged the girls to learn self-defence.

Girl power works well at Gargi College

The team entered the college to a loud cheer. Akshay, who is often seen giving self-defence tips on social media, urged students at the college to learn some basic self-defence techniques. “When a man touches a girl, she just freezes. She does not know what to do. Just don’t ever freeze. Chillao, zor se chillao and run. Freeze mat ho, zor se chillao, I want to say this again, ‘Don’t ever freeze’. Baaki self-defence jab aap ka mann kare, aap zaroor seekhein. It is important to learn it because of some people, which is unfortunate,” said Akshay. He added, “Ab hum ek gaana bajayenge.” He started matching steps with Taapsee and soon after, he called some of the girls from the crowd on stage, who started crying out of joy.

Jasmine Khan, one of the girls who got a chance to dance with the actor, told, “I was standing towards the back, and I thought that I will not even get a chance to see him. But I can’t believe that I danced with him. I am so excited.”

Judoka Chhavi Attri from Gargi College was asked to come on stage. When Akshay tried to grab her from behind, she pins him down to the ground.

While giving self-defence tips to the girls, Akshay asked one of the Judokas, Chhavi Attri, to come on the stage. As he tried grabbing her from behind, she immediately held him and took him down to the ground. Chhavi told us, “I am so lucky that I got this opportunity. Nahi toh roz roz Akshay Kumar ko girane ka mauka nahi milta hai.” Isha Gupta, a first-year student of Jesus and Mary, who came especially to catch a glimpse of Akshay, told us, “We missed two classes for Akshay. Itni door se aaye aur bas five minutes ka event attend kar paye.”

While interacting with the crowd, Manoj Bajpayee told everyone about how this film is quite special to him. He said, “All my movies where women are central to the plot have worked really well. I will be very happy if you all turn into Shabanas of the world.’ Taapsee thanked the girls for the warm welcome. “It is so nice to see so many girls cheering for us. Thank you for coming. You have a female version of James Bond in this film. This is a movie about a woman spy.” Akshay interrupted, and said, “Women sabse achhi spy hoti hain, yeh main ek pati hone ki wajah se bhi bol sakta hoon. Aap logon se kuch bhi chhupana aasan nahi hai.”

Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu and Manoj Bajpayee having a gala time at the college.


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