Published On: Fri, Nov 28th, 2014

Day of Shopaholics is here

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The first Friday after thanksgiving is known as black Friday. This day is synonymous with businesses offering their clients mouthwatering deals on goods and services. Imagine the mood around Diwali and you will get the picture.


Perfect time to buy gifts for the holiday season

Black Friday gives the buyers a great opportunity to buy products of their choices which are within their budget. The festivities surrounding the day are a retailers dream with many shoppers queuing up outside shopping malls to avail the early bird offers. It is a perfect time as buyers shop with an eye out for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday season.


Black Friday can trace its roots way back upto 1951. Back then the term was labeled by enterprises to describe the scores of leaves applications they received from employees who really were looking for 4 day weekend. Ten years later the same term had a completely different meaning, now it referred the hordes of buyers thronging the shopping center on the first Friday after thanksgiving.

The present meaning of the term is no different it means the day when businesses come out of the red (signifying loss) and in to the black (signifying profit).

21st century Black Friday


the perfect to buy gifts

The technology boom had an effect on Black Friday as well. The vendors cashed in on today’s fast paced lifestyle of the people. As a result instead of giving bumper discounts on Friday, the markets started flooding with best deals since Thursday evening. Digital e-commerce giants like Amazon and e-bay also changed the landscape of black Friday sales.

To summarize the day it is an advertisers as well as a shoppers dream day. So time to take out your shopping bags (or fill your virtual shopping carts if you shop the modern way) and hit the stores near you. Happy Shopping!

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