Dehradun: In a bid to ensure peaceful conduct of the Assembly winter session slated to begin on Monday, Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal convened an all party meeting at Vidhan Sabha on Sunday. Talking to media, the Speaker said that they have assured that they would make their contribution to run the House.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that State Government is ready to have debate on any issue raised by the Opposition but the issue should be logical. He further expressed hope that they would not raise issue for the sake of protest only.Talking to The Pioneer, Leader of Opposition Ajay Bhatt said, “We would raise all the issues which happened after summer session at Gairsain and will also seek report on the assurances made by the treasury bench during special session at Gairsain in June this year.

“If they answer our question, then we would not create any hurdle in the House but if they try to run the House without answering our question, then we would not have option other than raising voice.”

“The stark reality is that the people are living under a fear psychosis and women are choosing to keep themselves indoors with lawlessness reigning supreme. Recently, a youth and NSUI leader Rohit Pande set himself ablaze in Ramnagar. Later, he died. He was a victim of political intrigues being played by two Congress factions with eyes trained on the candidature for the Ramnagar Assembly constituency.

“As we all know that the sitting MLA Amrita Rawat would not get the party ticket. This is what has exacerbated intra-party squabbles with two leaders indulging in shenanigans to out-manuvere each other,” the BJP leader said.

He continued, “In Dehradun, a builder has encroached municipal corporation land. A giant multi- storied building came up there. MCD, though aware of the fact, can do nothing against the builders because of pressure being mounted on it.

In the State capital alone, over 1000 labourers are engaged in illegal mining at Raipur, Doiwala and Premnagar, but the administration is looking the other way because they could not dare to challenge the main actors with the ruling party leaders pulling strings for them.

“If anyone dares challenge them they would not hesitate to crush them down under the wheels of their vehicles. This is what the situation is,” said Bhatt.Talking to the media, after attending all party meeting, CM Rawat said that he has apprised all party leaders about the Government expectations from them.

He reiterated that State Government is ready to have special session of Vidhan Sabha if they would have debatable issue.Talking to the media Speaker Kunjwal said that he has assured that House will listen their grievance but they will have to keep the House in order. If they raise their point according to Vidhan Sabha proceeding, the house will listen to them.

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