Hit and run case: Salman not under influence of alcohol claims doc

Salman Khan who has been charged of culpable homicide for his 2002 hit and run case smelled of alcohol but was not under its influence claimed the doctor who had examined the chemical analysis report of Khan’s blood samples. The doctor had examined Khan and drawn a blood sample to be sent for chemical analysis to be tested for alcohol content after he was accused of killing one pavement dweller and injuring four others when his Land Rover rammed into a Bandra bakery on September 28, 2002.

The doctor said Khan’s speech was coherent, his gait was normal and the pupils were slightly dilated which in the cross-examination he accepted could be caused by lack of sleep too and wasn’t a conclusive test of intoxication. Salman’s blood sample was collected after almost 10 hours of the accident, in which the actor is accused. Although the defence claimed that the word ‘alcohol’ was fabricated in the medical papers used for the case. The doctor claimed that while Salman was being examined, his speech was coherent and his movements were normal.

Advocate Shrikant Shivade, in defence of Salman also stated that the medical register had gone missing before resurfacing only years later. The doctor who was on duty in the accident section of J J Hospital’s casualty ward also informed that Salman was brought almost 10 hours after the accident – somewhere between 2 pm and 6 pm by the Bandra police. The trial judge D W Deshpande, while presiding over the case at one point remarked that doctors have to be on the their toes, all the time, especially in Mumbai.

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