Published On: Fri, Feb 27th, 2015

Biometric Registration to be implemented for Pilgrims traveling to Kedarnath

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Rudraprayag: Pilgrims traveling to Kedarnath by foot will now have to register themselves at checkpoints equipped with Biometric verification machines in order to keep a tab on the number of travellers visiting the area . This step comes in the wake of the aftermath of 2013 where the lack of knowledge about the number of pilgrims in the Kedar valley increased the death toll in the region.

This time though the government seems to have prepared itself better and with the biometric machines they should get an exact number of traveler influx in the area which could prove vital should a 2013 like disaster strike the region again.

Also, the trekkers would be updated about the weather conditions ahead and moved to a safe shelter should the weather deteriorate.

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