Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2015

Aamir Khan’s birthday resolution is to turn vegan

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Mr Perfectionist decides to turn vegan as his resolution on his 50th Birthday

While often we have seen actors making huge plans for their birthday, this time around Aamir Khan has taken a resolution for his 50th birthday. The actor, who will turn a year older on March 14, has decided to go vegan. Despite the fact that he loves meat, especially the biryani, Aamir Khan has not only quit fish, chicken and other meat/eggs but also dairy products. Revealing his decision, the actor stated that when one is a vegan, they are way ahead of non- vegetarians and vegetarians. Though he misses his favourite dairy product ‘curd’, the actor stated that he doesn’t have to watch his calories anymore. While he has replaced milk with soya milk, he has also stopped gorging on the yummy sweets made of milk. Readers may be aware that his wife Kiran Rao has been a vegan for long and she has been inspiring her husband in his new resolution. What is also a co-incidence is that Aamir Khan will be seen playing the role of a vegetarian wrestler Dangal but the actor assures that this decision is not for the film. He added that his decision wasn’t prompted by the role but by a video he saw on YouTube.

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