Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2015

The Death of a Nation

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Note: The following post is a re-post of the original article which can be found on The Sober Indian

There are times when you see a news clipping and curse under your breath, and then just walk away. Then there are times when you see the news clipping and mourn. Silently mourn, not for the soul departed but for the ones who remain in the world plagued by this brutality.

I never knew Mr D K Ravi personally, I have never heard his interviews and have not seen his work personally. It is fair to say he was a cog in the machine, like most of us. And he is a cog that fell off, or maybe taken off. The problem off late is that there is so minimal respect for the machine that nobody seems to care about a fallen cog. This time, however, I hope the cog fallen causes the machine to stop because it is time for all of us to stop looking away from this mess and at least feel ashamed. Yes, it is that time when you can proudly feel ashamed and be reminded that your heart is still in the right place.

Suicide. UPSC all-India rank of 34. Top class IAS Official, revered like a god in his city. Loving family and thousands of fans. Takes on the bigwigs like a man on a mission. Sounds like a winner, doesn’t he? And you are telling me that he committed suicide for personal reasons? That has to be the single most stupidest lie ever told in modern history. It is a lie to begin with, and then a stupid one at that. The government should be prosecuted for the death and also for being so stupid. For thinking for even a second that they can fool the society and get away with this.

Let me place some facts in front of you – the man raided some of the biggest real estate firms in the region and made them cough up almost 150 crores in outstanding taxes in just a few months. He recently raided a firm affiliated with the Karnataka home minister K.J. George. There is a strong murmur that he was about to reveal something very murky connecting all the big real estate firms with the political bigwigs, like we did not know that already. The CCTV did not function for 40-min in the apartment during the time of his death and such a modern apartment complex did not have power supply during that time. Didn’t you always have backup power? Even a 2 storeyed, modest apartment complex has that now. With the kind of prices you pay to buy an apartment, places like Prestige should give you life time free power backup. Never mind, there was no power. Like in stone age.


DK Ravi: The officer whom the public loved back

Notice I made no allegation, no name calling. But your mind made a connection didn’t it? This stuff smells of foul play stronger than Rakhi Sawant rakes of stupidity. If you still think this was suicide, I pray for the future of this country and the coming generations. I don’t know what can be done or what we should do, it feels like a lost cause. If the fact of his death was not enough, the man responsible for the investigation is Mr K. J. George. Isn’s this too cruel? I mean, the man D.K Ravi ate in poverty stricken houses before Rahul Gandhi made it cool. He was the hero who film stars aspired to be in the movies. He was the man who put his own life on the line to fix the system. And all he gets is a mockery of his lifetime achievements, being hung from a ceiling fan and some of the suspects leading the investigation?

I mean, c’mon,  this shit has to stop. Keep D.K Ravi aside for a minute, don’t you have any ego that is being hurt because you are being treated like a child? I repeated this story to my dog and even he thinks this was not a suicide. It is not fair and not in my nature to accuse without facts, so let us not conclude on who killed him. But the least, the very least, he deserves is a CBI probe and a declaration that he did not commit suicide. His death is a loss to us in more ways than we can see now. His absence physically is catastrophic, but declaring that the man who has literally been a hero gave up and took the easy way out is an indication that the spirit of the society has died. The least you can do is tell people the facts and sign one of those petitions that seeks a CBI probe. Tweet to news channels, write to them. Keep this as the public opinion, Kohli’s tweet about Anushka can wait. Make the news channels talk about this. It is now or never. At least don’t call it a suicide, please.

It is one of those situations where if somebody says ‘There is a hole in the boat!’ , you cannot say, ‘It’s not on my side’. We did not deserve Mr D.K Ravi in his work when he was alive, let us be deserving in his death at least for it is not just the death of a human being but the death of a nation.

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