Published On: Mon, Apr 20th, 2015

Rahul takes a shot at BJP’s “suit-boot ki sarkaar”

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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who was conspicuously absent during the first half of the Budget Session, created quite a stir in his first speech in Lok Sabha today after his return from the 57-day sabbatical.

Gandhi accused the BJP-led NDA government of being the “government of corporates” and the one that has completely “neglected farmers and labourers of the country”.

“He (Modi) will gain politically if he changes his side. You are hurting the farmers and in the coming times they will hurt you,” said Gandhi, who made his appearance in parliament for the first time in the budget session after a 56-day sabbatical. The Congress vice president, who was intervening in a debate on the agrarian crisis, accused the NDA government of neglecting farmers and farm labourers.

“The price of land is increasing fast and your corporate friends want this land and you are controlling the farmers, and when he (farmer) becomes weak then you will hit him with your ordinance axe. That is why you are ready to make 60 percent people angry,” he said.

Reading out the past records of Minimum Selling Price (MSP) given by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) governments at different point of time, he said ever since the NDA government took over only meagre increments were made in the MSP of farmers’ produce.

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