Published On: Thu, Apr 16th, 2015

Twitter’s homepage gets a revamped look

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Tags, the hugely popular micro-blogging site posted the following statement on its blog yesterday “Every month, hundreds of millions of people come to Twitter to see what’s happening in the world. After all, it’s often the best place to turn to for information and commentary on live events and breaking news.

People who log in get the full experience: they can browse the complete catalog of public Tweets, Tweet themselves or engage with Tweets they see. Today, we’re making a big change for the many millions of people who visit every month who don’t log in, but still want to know what’s happening.”

“Starting today, when you go to the homepage, you’ll find interesting topics to explore like Politics, Pop Artists and even Cute Animals. Click on the topic and you’ll see a timeline of Tweets from some of the most popular accounts in that topic. It’s rich real-time content, just like the Twitter experience for users who log in.

We’re introducing the new on desktop to U.S. users first, and intend to bring it to more places over time. As with everything we build, we’ll be making lots of improvements along the way so that Twitter’s front page continues to be informative, entertaining and relevant to everyone. Stay tuned.”

Essentially the consensus has been that it takes too long to get acclimated to the network, and that ultimately users are left guessing for long periods of time before they become fully-dedicated users – if they ever do at all. Many have pointed out that this doesn’t do a lot to correct that, but at the end of the day – there is only so much that can be done to actually change the way people interact with a social network like that. Twitter is something that many users, even the most dedicated today, had serious issues acclimating to earlier in its life.

The new layout gives the potential users a brief tour of the site. It allows them to search through pre-sorted tiles that behold pieces of information that users can ultimately work through.

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