Published On: Sun, Jun 21st, 2015

Mass participation of people on International Yoga Day

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PM leads mass yoga demonstration in New Delhi

PM: “Today, the sun will not set on the community of Yoga practitioner”

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today announced the arrival of a new Yoga era, with the first International Day of Yoga being observed across the world. Leading a mass yoga demonstration at Rajpath in New Delhi, the Prime Minister declared that today, as this day is observed in various parts of the world, the sun would not set on the community of Yoga practitioners.

He said that today is not just the first-ever International Yoga Day, but the beginning of a new era that would inspire humanity in its quest for peace and harmony. The Prime Minister recalled the contribution of ancient sages, yoga gurus, and practitioners across the world through the ages, for making Yoga what it is, today. He said that as mankind advances in various spheres of development and technology, individual human beings must progress too, and Yoga offered an avenue for this. He said Yoga was not merely an exercise, but offered an opportunity for balancing the mind and body, and could help harness an individual’s inner strength.
PM Modi acknowledged all countries across the world who are observing International Yoga Day today, and the 177 countries which co-sponsored the resolution in the United Nations, for adopting June 21st as International Yoga Day.

The Prime Minister later participated in a mass yoga demonstration at Rajpath.

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