Published On: Tue, Jul 14th, 2015

AAP facing cash crunch Kejriwal comes forward asking for funds

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Claiming that AAP had run out of cash, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday appealed to the public to pitch in with money to help run the party’s daily expenses, indicating that its donations had taken a major hit.

Speaking to ANI, Kejriwal told the public that AAP was a clean party and that is why, instead of acquiring money the “wrong way”, he is asking the people of the country. The public funded us, we never took any money under the table. We gave a record of every rupee we got”.

After government formation (in Delhi) whatever cash the party had is over. We need money to run the party, for its day to day expenses.
“You may say he’s a strange CM. Asking for money even after becoming the CM. But this is the difference. If I had to earn money using wrong means I could have and there was no need to appeal. But I don’t intend to take that route of corruption,” Kejriwal said. Kejriwal urged people to chip in even if the amount is as low as Rs 10. “Give us because even your Rs 10 would help us practice honest politics.”

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