Edging Ahead: Microsoft claims its latest browser 112% faster than Chrome,

Remember Internet Explorer? the ubiquitous browser on every new desktop with Windows Operating system. At one point it was the most used browser in the world but with changing times the good ol’ browser lost the race first to Firefox and then to Google’s Chrome. Internet Explorer became so obsolete that many users jokingly said that its best use was to download other faster and better browsers. As the result the software giant came up with the solution of doing away with the browser altogether and build a new one from the scratch. The result was “Edge”, the browser that Microsoft claims is 112% faster than Google Chrome. It was also reported to be faster than Safari browser.All three browsers were put through JavaScript benchmark tests to conclude Edge’s supremacy. In order to get unbiased results, Microsoft ran benchmark tests against Chrome and Safari on platforms created by Google and Apple

Retaining the Internet Explorer’s logo, Edge is said to be faster, leaner and more advanced than the tired predecessor. Featuring integration with Cortana, it also contains a revamped look offering more surface area to browser tabs and better screen distribution to make way for more content.

Recently, Google’s Chrome browser has come under fire for its heavy memory usage in PCS and smartphones, leading to slow performance and repeated stalls in platforms with limited installed RAMs. Microsoft could use this as an opportunity to promote the Edge browser, though it will be short-lived if people do not find it any different from the beleaguered internet explorer.

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