Published On: Sun, Jul 19th, 2015

Uttarkashi on landslide red alert as 25 meter long crack develops in Varunavat

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Uttarkashi: Landslide prone Varunavat mountain has started to give nightmares to residents of Uttarkashi once again. Heavy rains have dissolved a chunk of the mountain and in place of it is a 25 meter long and 4-5 inch wide crack which could trigger a massive landslide any time. Residents of Indira Colony and Jansu are in direct line of attack of the landslide region.

Houses situated at the foot of the mountain are specially under high risk.
District Magistrate Indudhar Bodai said he is aware of the situation and has issued orders to block the road in front of the Tamba Khani tunnel.
A few cracks have also reportedly occurred on stairs constructed for treatment of the mountain.

A report for the same has been sent to the administration, following which two teams of geo-scientists have been deployed for surveying the damage at the spot, and to recommend appropriate solutions.

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