Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2015

Curiosity sniffs out woman like apparition on mars

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One of the picture sent by NASA’s curiosity rover sent on exploration of Mars has caught the eyes of everyone. Everything seems noraml about the back and white picture of the rocky martian surface, but a closer look reveals a woman like apparition which has baffled everyone. The image was first brought to attention by UFO Sightings Daily, which said the figure looks like a woman who is partially cloaked.


Real or just a trick of the eye?

According to website UFO Sightings Daily, the image’s scale would make the ‘being’ only eight to ten cm tall and less than the size of a small coffee cup.

The extra-terrestrial life investigators have spotted many Earthly objects, carvings, beings and animals on the images sent by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

NASA refuses to comment on any of the alleged discoveries, but most scientists believe it is just a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia – when the brain tricks the eyes into spotting familiar objects and shapes in textures and patterns.

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