Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Mulayam Singh embroiled in a fresh controversy over rape remarks

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Veteran Uttar Pradesh politician Mulayam Singh Yadav has landed himself into fresh controversy over his remarks at a function in Lucknow, Yadav who has been in trouble in the past for appearing to defend rapists, has made another controversial statement. At a function on Tuesday, he said that many rape cases are made out to be gang-rapes but it is “not practical”.

“Often if one person commits rape, four people are named in the complaint. Four people are named for rape, can it be possible? It is not practical. They probably say one was watching…another was there… If there are four brothers, then all four are named,” said, the chief of Uttar Pradesh’s ruling Samajwadi Party.

The former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister went on to say “Didn’t the same thing happen in Badaun? And what happened when the CBI investigated? The CBI said it was all false,” he said, referring to the case of two cousins, aged 14 and 15, who were allegedly gang-raped and murdered in Badaun district.

The bodies of the two girls were found hanging from a tree a day after they went missing. The incident triggered outrage and drew widespread condemnation. UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon cited the case at an event marking the International Day to End Violence Against Women.

Yadav also said some people are being on giving “negative publicity” to Uttar Pradesh. “Remember, if you tell a lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth. There are powers spreading canards about you,” he added.

Adding that when it comes to the number of rape incidents taking place across in the country, Uttar Pradesh features at the bottom of the list, Yadav said, “The population (of Uttar Pradesh) is 21 crore while that of Madhya Pradesh is 6 crore. There (in MP), the percentage of rape cases is 9.8 while in UP, it is 2. Moreover, in Rajasthan – also ruled by BJP – this percentage is 7. Don’t even ask about Delhi, I live there and know what happens. So, if there is one place with the lowest number of rapes, it is Uttar Pradesh.”

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