Published On: Fri, Aug 21st, 2015

This guy makes Rupees 6.5 lakh a month selling potatoes

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24 year old Alex Craig founded  in May

Yup you read it right, a 24 year entrepreneur from Texas makes $10K a month selling potatoes inscribed with personalized messages. Last May, University of North Texas alum Alex Craig launched Potato Parcel, a website that will ship an inscribed Russet potato to your friends (or enemies) anonymously.

While the concept may seem strange, the revenue speaks otherwise. The 24-year-old has averaged $10,000 per month in sales since the business launched in May 2015. He has sold more than 3,000 spuds in just four months.

Craig’s idea is a perfect example of how one should pursue their dreams no matter how stupid or strange it may seem to another person. “I would say the two things that hold everybody back in life is fear and it’s doubt,” Craig told WFAA-TV. “The fear of failure and the fear of wasting your time, and the doubt that you can actually achieve something big on a huge scale.”

He cooked up the silly idea on a dinner date with his girlfriend, who thought it would be a dud.

“She said, ‘You will not sell a single potato. This is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard,’” Craig said.

To order, interested shoppers simply visit the Potato Parcel website and select a potato. A medium spud costs $7.99 and can be personalized with up to 100 characters. A larger version costs $9.99 and can have a custom message written with up to 140 characters. Alex then sends the potato, emblazoned with its custom message, through the mail, to any location in the United States.

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