Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

War of Words continues amidst chaos in the Lok Sabha

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New Delhi: Replying to Rahul Gandhi’s comments on Sushma Swaraj’s family a few days back, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday said the former should habitually take a long vacation and reflect on his own family’s history first. She also denied her family members receiving any bribe in the Lalit Modi issue.

Sushma to Rahul: It was your government that gave Lalit Modi right of residency in the UK

Sushma Swaraj also urged Rahul Gandhi to question his mother Sonia on why his father Rajiv Gandhi had a quid pro quo arrangement with the US and why he allowed Warren Anderson to run away to the US.

She then made an emotional remark about how she had been in politics for 38 years.  “I have been in politics for 38 years. The kind of dignity with thich I have engaged in politics is like a tapasya,” she said.

“Lalit Modi got right of residency in the UK when your government was in power,” Sushma Swaraj said. “Why are they demanding answers from me? They themselves are responsible for what they are asking…Congress leadership was divided on Lalit Modi case. One half wanted probe, other half did not.”

Earlier in the day things got off to a chaotic start with the Parliament continuing to witness noisy scenes as Lok Sabha began a debate over the Lalit Modi issue. The house saw unusual scenes as Congress president Sonia Gandhi came into the well of the house to oppose the remarks of a BJP MP. Before things went out of control once again, the speaker Sumitra Mahajan temporarily suspended the proceedings for 30 minutes.

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