Published On: Sun, Sep 6th, 2015

Brual murder of 26 year old shocks Doon valley

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Dehradun: Residents of Jakhan area of Dehradun were in for a shock on Sunday morning when news of a murder spread across the locality. The victim, a 26-year-old youth named Neeraj Kumar, was found brutally stabbed to death inside a villa located in the Ansal Green Valley. On the wall of the room splashed with blood where the body lay, police found, written presumably with the victim’s blood, a dramatic declaration: “He raped my sister.” However, police say that this might be a diversionary tactic adopted by the murderer to mislead the investigation.

The villa had been taken on rent by a polytechnic institute owner, Gyanendra, just about a week back. The victim, Kumar, had passed out of his institute some years back and was due to join a firm in the city. Gyanendra told police that Neeraj, who hails from Moradabad, had called him last week saying that he was due to join a firm at Selaqui and needed a temporary place to stay. “As I knew him since a few years, I allowed Neeraj to stay at my place,” Gyanendra allegedly told the police.

Recounting the sequence of events as described by Gyanendra, Ajay Singh, city superintendent of police, told TOI, “On September 3, Gyanendra and his wife had to leave for Delhi for some work. They came back around 1:30 am on Sunday night. The door of the house was opened by Neeraj who then went back to his room to sleep. However, in the morning, when the maid came and tried to open his room for cleaning, she got no response.”

According to the police, the maid informed Gyanendra, who then went outside the room to check from the window and found Neeraj lying on the blood-soaked floor. “The murderer had stabbed the victim multiple times on his body and face. He was even hit by a pressure cooker,” said a police official.

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