Domestic help allege rape by Saudi diplomat, probe on

Indian police is investigating allegations that a Saudi diplomat imprisoned and repeatedly raped two Nepali maids who worked in his home. The Saudi Embassy has denied the allegations. The probe into the alleged rape and confinement of two Nepalese women by a Saudi diplomat and his “guests” in an apartment here would be undertaken in accordance with the Vienna convention as the official enjoys diplomatic immunity, the Gurgaon Police Commissioner said on Wednesday.

The two women who came to India from Nepal with hopes of earning a good salary but ended with shattered dreams say they will never venture out their country again in search of work.

The Nepalese embassy will issue temporary passports to the victims soon to send them back to Nepal as the original passports are still with the Saudi Arabian diplomat. They were rescued but they did not collect their belongings, said Balkrishan Pandey, conveyor of Maiti India NGO.

Both victims were held hostage and allegedly sexually abused almost every day for the last four months. “I was excited when I left home and promised my family members that I will send money every month and we will soon build a new house and start our own shop. No one else would need to move out of Nepal for work,” said one of the women.

The Nepali Embassy in Delhi is waiting for Indian police to complete their investigation before launching a diplomatic complaint against a Saudi Arabian diplomat for allegedly raping two Nepali women over several months.
Ambassador Dip Kumar Upadhyay, who discussed the matter with officials at India’s Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday, said that the Indian government would take a decision after police complete their investigation.

As a diplomat, the Saudi man, who has not been identified publicly, has immunity from criminal prosecution, but may be expelled if the Indian government finds the allegations to be true, meanwhile, the Saudi Embassy has denied the allegations.


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