Published On: Sun, Sep 6th, 2015

Jollygrant Airport’s parking bay gets upgraded

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  • Can now accommodate up to 6 airplanes at one time

Dehradun’s Jollygrant Airport can now handle up to 6 plane landings one after another as a result of increase in parking bay capacity from 3 to 6.

At present 3 air carriers are offering flight services to the state capital. All three have similar flight timings for morning and evening flights to and from the airport. In the current scenario if a charted planes landing time clashed with any of the regular fights time then it had to encircle over the airport until one of the planes took off from the runway. But now no such problem will persist because the construction work aimed at increasing the parking capacity of Jollygrant airport which had begun a year earlier is now complete and the airport can accommodate 6 planes.

Flower shop also opened at the airport premises

A flower shop has also been opened at the airport so that people coming to receive the passengers don’t have to haul in garlands and flowers from long distances but can purchase them from the airport premises itself.

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