Published On: Thu, Sep 3rd, 2015

Plight of two UP boxers- one forced to sell kites other collecting garbage for a living

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In yet another case which sheds light on how sport athletes of India are often neglected the story of two boxers has come to light. Kamal Kumar Valmiki, a state-level former boxer is forced to work as a garbage collector to sustain himself and his family. Rukhsar Bano a 19 year old boxer also from UP who has participated in 10 National level and 12 state level championships and has won 9 medals is forced to work 10 hours a day making kites which brings her a mere 80 Rs a day.

Kamal Kumar Valmiki who claims to have won three state-level Gold medals said that he wanted a coaching job at any state level academy but due to insufficient funding, he had to take up these jobs. He insisted that if he is able to get any help from the government, then he would want at least 2 of his 4 children to take up boxing as a sport and make their nation proud.

No support from the government and monetary means to support herself meant Rukhsar was forced to take up kite making to earn her living. She hasn’t been able to participate in a boxing competition since 2014. She was even selected for 2014 common wealth games but money proved to be a hindrance and she wasn’t able to reach New Delhi for training.

Cases like these show just how difficult life can be for sports athletes in India who play sports that are not associated with any lucrative league.

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