Published On: Tue, Sep 22nd, 2015

Roger Federer fan wakes up from Coma after 11 years, shocked to hear Federer’s list of achievements

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Jesus Aparicio, a Spanish Roger Federer fan who recently came out of an 11-year-long coma in August 27th this year and among the many list of his enquries was about his idol Roger Federer. The Spaniard was rather shocked to find that his favourite tennis player had racked up 17 Grand Slam titles, was ranked number two in the world and was still in the hunt to add to his tally of majors.

On December 12, 2004, Jesus Aparicio was seriously injured in a car crash while out celebrating his 18th birthday. The accident would leave him in a coma, one he’d remain in for nearly 11 years, until finally waking up on August 27, 2015. It took some time for Aparicio’s speech to recover, but as soon as it did, one of the first things he asked about was his tennis idol. To his amazement, he learned that Federer was not only still at it, but still winning.

“It came like a flash to my mind and I asked about Roger. I thought he had retired. When I knew that at 34 years old, he is still playing and is number two in the world, I thought they were kidding me. I could not believe it.

When I heard that he reached 17 slam titles, I put my hands on my face. I knew Federer was very good but I never thought he could win all he has won,” Aparicio said, according to

Jesus also had the pleasure to watch the US Open final between Novak Djokovic- a total stranger for him, and Roger Federer from his home. “I was really surprised to see him play well, Djokovic is good.”  The Seville native was happy despite Federer’s defeat, especially because his dream to see the Swiss play live was still achievable: “I want to see his match before he retires, perhaps his 18th Slam.”

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