Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2015

Celebrating Dusshera, the MAD way

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MAD celebrates Dusherra with Food Distribution, wall painting

Dehradun: As part of the Dusshera celebrations, Making a Difference By Being the Difference (MAD) organized a Food Distribution Drive in front of Doon Hospital and Sai Mandir for the less fortunate individuals in our society, who continue to suffer from hunger.

Amid the bursting crackers, rallies, and commotion caused by the heavy traffic, more than 15 volunteers assembled in front of Doon Hospital at 12 pm and started the Food Distribution Drive. The volunteers distributed Aloo Puri, bananas and biscuits among the needy and destitute. After this, the volunteers headed to Sai Mandir, Rajpur Road, where the Food Distribution Drive was conducted again.

The activity was co-ordinated by Saumya Rauthan. Other members present during the activity were Saurav Joshi, Ankit Sajwan, Shailja Chaurasia, Kashika Mahant, Himanshu Bhatt, Rahel, Anshul, Ashish and Tejasvi. MAD believes in safeguarding the interests of the needy and celebrating each festival with them.

MAD had also organised its weekly wall painting at Neshvilla Road near the Church. The group was joined by many students of schools and colleges of Doon. The group with a strength of 25 teenagers started by cleaning and washing the wall with scrub and later they drew a beautiful mural art leaving a social message of cleanliness. The youngsters’ efforts were appreciated by the neighbours and the passerby. Group coordinator Karan Kapoor, Saurav Joshi, Kashika, Shailja, Asmita and Shivam Soni were present during the activity. “Dusherra is known for the victory of good over evil. Lets all pledge to inculcate such good habits that we trump the bad ones by far. Simple habits, like using our pocket as the first dustbin. Not littering garbage here and there. Can make all the difference.” Remarked MAD’s Founding President, Abhijay Negi.

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