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Sanmay Ved- the guy who purchased

Due to a technical glitch Sanmay Ved was able to own the domain albeit for a minute

Crazy and weird stuff happens on the internet from time to time and the latest installment in that section is about an Indian origin MBA student who bought the domain for a whopping sum of…wait for it……12 US Dollars!

In a detailed post on LinkedIn, the former Google employee said he was learning more about the Google domains interface and that’s when he discovered the availability of domain. To his surprise, the most trafficked domain was available for just $12. He went on to add the domain to his cart expecting some error, but the transaction went through.
After completing the purchase, Sanmay received two emails which is not the norm when you book domains. Though he didn’t share contents of the emails, they do relate to the domain.

This isn’t the first time that a giant has accidentally put its domain name on sale. In 2013, Microsoft forgot to renew the Hotmail UK domain registered with Nominet UK which resulted into returning it to the open market for purchase by anyone. As Microsoft wasn’t the registrar, the company couldn’t cancel or retract it once the domain was picked up by someone else.


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