Published On: Sat, Nov 7th, 2015

Finishing this game could make you richer by $10000

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Developers of Zero Reflex come out with a unique way to promote their game

Be it mobile, console, or PC with the sheer volume of content available, it’s tough to be noticed for a relatively unknown game developer. To counter this Publisher Adminde has opted for an intriguing way to let people know its game, Zero Reflex exists – by appealing to greed.

The first person to finish Zero Reflex on Android, iOS, or Steam wins $10,000 (around Rs. 6,59,100) that would be transferred to his or her PayPal account. It’s a simple way to get consumers to check out its game or at the very least, less work than figuring out how to spend $10,000 on marketing it.

Take a look at the rules before bringing out the gamer in you

If you’re willing to give Zero Reflex a go, you might want to check out the list of rules from the developer, Exordium Games’ website. Most notable of which is that each entry of a finished game will be checked by Adminde. If the publisher finds that the entry is one which beat the game without hacking or cheating, it will contact the winner.

The game itself plays a lot like Super Hexagon though it appears to be a whole lot more tougher. If you’re planning to finish it without opting for its in-app purchases, you’ll find yourself in for a challenging time. Perhaps, a smart move to ensure that a winner, if at all, is found after Adminde and Exordium manage to recoup some of its development costs through game sales.

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