Published On: Fri, Nov 6th, 2015

MasterChef Australia Season 7 arriving in India

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Star World & Star World HD celebrate a MasterChef Australia inspired delicious 9 course meal at The Tasting Lab, Olive Qutub

India’s most loved culinary show MasterChef Australia Season 7 is currently airing on Star World & Star World HD every Monday to Friday at 9 PM. This season the bar has been set even higher with the contestants putting out dishes like never seen before. In order to celebrate the breath-taking food in this season Star World hosted a very special MasterChef Australia inspired event.
Star World partnered with Food Talk India, one of India’s largest digital food influencer, and Olive Bar and Kitchen, one of the most premium restaurants in the country to host The Tasting Lab at the beautiful Greenhouse section at Olive, Qutub. Hosted by Chef Sujan, the Tasting Lab featured his most creative dishes involving a plethora of flavours, all packed into one elaborate and gorgeous 9 course meal inspired by MasterChef Australia.
A place where science, nature and gastronomy come together, the Tasting Lab by Chef Sujan Sarkar is a ‘No Rule Menu’. A movement encouraging the advent of slow food where they experiment with world cuisine and modern culinary trends based on known and unknown ingredients sourced from all over India. At the Tasting Lab, a team of young and talented chefs are working together to change the face of gastronomy in India.

The evening was a resounding success which saw the crème de la crème step out to enjoy a taste ofMasterChef Australia. Chef Sujan brought alive the spirit of the show with his specially crafted 9 course menu, inspired by some of the most iconic dishes of the season. Featuring an array of ingredients, which have never been used before in the menu at the Olive, the guests at the Tasting Lab were left spellbound as they were taken on a journey through Season 7 of MasterChef Australia through a delectable 9-course menu curated by Chef Sujan and Food Talk India.

Speaking on this unique event, an official Star India spokesperson said, “MasterChef has been a flagship show for Star World and over time it has become the most loved culinary show on Indian television. We constantly strive to create unique and interesting food experiences for our viewers and associating with The Tasting Lab is a step in that direction. The event gave our guests a chance to actually live the MasterChef Australia experience and we aim to create many more such enjoyable experiences for our viewers in the future as well.”
Says Anjali Batra, Co-Founder of Food Talk India, “Over the years MasterChef Australia has changed the way we look at food. Our palette has evolved as we get exposure to all these wonderful ingredients, cooking techniques and chef’s with every passing season. Today we took our guests on an exciting MasterChef Australia journey with a Tasting Lab menu inspired by some of our favourite dishes from the season and a sneak-peek at what lies ahead.”

The complete menu as below
1st course
Amuse bouche
2nd course
Perfect yolk, mushroom textures and consommé
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Liquid gnocchi with mushroom consommé – Grant king
3rd course
Fake yogurt, burnt goat’s butter crumble and pickled local roots
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Black pudding, goat’s cheese, carrot salad, pickled black berries – Callum Hann
4th course
Poached lobster, homemade sweet corn miso, salicornia
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Butter poached prawns – Reynold Poernomo
Cauliflower textures, homemade sweet corn miso, ricotta (v)
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Cauliflower miso cream, pickled cauliflower – Billie McKay
5th course
Green pea and young tomato – Sorbet
6th course
Lemon sole, oyster, black garlic, sea aroma
MasterChef Australia inspiration – The Whiting – George Calombaris
Barley ,potato and kale risotto, early winter greens, feta mousse (v)
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Greek Green Salad – George Calombaris
7th course
Braised lamb breast, loin, maple glazed turnip
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Roast lamb with minty pea – Billie McKay
Open ravioli, asparagus, pumpkin, burnt cocoa butter (v)
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Summer garden pasta – Kristina short
8th course
Fossil pear, corn husk caramel
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Coffee Poached Pear -Ashleigh Bareham
9th course
Single origin chocolate Textures and snow, chestnut, blood orange
MasterChef Australia inspiration – Chocolate with orange and rosemary – Reynold Poernomo

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