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Never Give Up: The inspiring story of an armless cricketer

How Amir Hussain Lone’s selection in the J&K para cricket team is an inspiration for others

Hope and belief are perhaps two of the greatest motivational forces among Humans and a 26 year old from Jammu and Kashmir underlined it by making it to the state para cricket team.

He lost his arms when he was just 8 years old but that has not prevented him from following his ambition. He wanted to become a cricketer, and he has overcome every adversity to reach his target.

Now, at the age of 26, Amir is the captain of the Jammu and Kashmir state para-cricket team. It is a reward for all the hard work and effort he has put in and for all those who stood by him. This man fought against convention to get to where he is and he is certainly someone to look up to for those facing obstacles in their path.

Amir Hussain Lone: How he overcame the odds

This courageous youngster’s story which was reported by Mail Online, is taking the world by storm as his determination and commitment has turned eyeballs. Amir is now the captain of Jammu and Kashmir’s para-cricket team and his style of play is something unusual. He bats by holding the willow in between his neck and shoulder and bowls with his toes – using a sweeping leg movement to cricket ball.

Amir faced a lot of problems in the past as people used to underestimate him while making fun but now things have changed. ‘When I was young, I wasn’t able to eat without my hands. When I tried to play cricket for the first time after the accident, people used to make fun of me. Now they are very supportive,” Amir said.

Recounting the tragic accident, Amir said, “I was taking some food for my brother who worked at my father’s sawmill. I used to play with the sawmill machine, but on this occasion both of my arms got entangled in the machine.”

Amir had to admitted to a hospital immediately and he underwent treatment for three years. His family’s financial condition worsened as they had to sell off their sawmill in order to support Amir’s treatment expenses. Amir father Bashir was suggested by many to not waste money on Amir as he was not worth it, but like a true dad, Bashir thought otherwise. “People used talk bad about my son. They used to say I was wasting both my money and time on him. But he is so dear to me like a part of my body. As a father why do I need wealth when my son is not well?” Bashir said.

Amir, who is a die hard Sachin Tendulkar fan, dreams big, he wants to fine tune his skills to reach the highest levels of the sport. Like every Indian he wants to don the national jersey.

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