Published On: Thu, Mar 17th, 2016

Odd-Even formula tried out in Dalanwala to ease parking woes

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Dehradun: Taking a cue from the odd-even traffic plan in Delhi, residents of Dalanwala area have implemented their own version of the formula to ease congestion in the area.

For almost a month now, Inder Road in Dalanwala allows vehicles to park only on left side of the road on odd dates. On even dates, parking is on the right side of the road. The plan enables vehicles and pedestrians to pass through easily in the otherwise narrow road teeming with shops, clinics on both sides.

Mahesh Bhandari, president, Dalanwala Welfare Association, who came up with the idea told TOI, “I had attended a Doon Traffic Control Workshop a while ago and after that I decided that citizens need to come up with a solution for the problem we face every day. Hence, the idea of odd-even parking was born.”

He added, “Inder Road in Dalanwala is one of the most congested roads with many hospitals, pharmacists, coaching classes and other commercial properties, so it was decided to implement the plan as a pilot project there and it has proven to be quite effective.”

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