Published On: Mon, Mar 21st, 2016

This Woman’s disappearing act on live TV baffles the internet

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A video of a woman disappearing on live TV has gone viral as people on the internet are coming up with wild theories as to what happened to her.
The video shows a blonde woman who is standing in the background of the video shot where a man is being interviewed near the baggage claim area of an airport. The interview was being shot live for the TV2’s Sports Center show.
While the woman can be seen in the background, another woman with a trolley walks past her and then the blonde woman seem to disappear from the scene.

A clip from Norway’s TV2 sports channel featured an interview with an athlete in the airport. While the interview was going on, a blonde woman was visible in the background near the luggage carousel. Another woman with a trolley walks past her, talking to her over her shoulder. The moment she is gone, the blonde woman is no longer in the frame.

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