Facebook, Google offices at risk of flooding due to rising sea levels

At a time when global warming is threatening a rise in sea levels across the world, Silicon Valley giants Facebook, Google and Cisco may be more concerned as their campuses are now at the risk of being flooded.

A fresh forecast by a team of scientists has warned that these companies face the prospect of their Silicon Valley headquarters becoming swamped by water as rising sea levels threaten to submerge much of the property in San Francisco Bay Area, The Guardian reported.

Even under optimistic scenarios where rapid cuts in greenhouse gas emissions avoid the most severe increases, the companies may face cut-off from others around the world, the team noted.

“Facebook is very vulnerable. They built on a very low site. I do not know why they chose to build there. Facebook thinks they can pay enough to protect themselves,” said Lindy Lowe, a senior planner at California‚Äôs Bay Conservation and Development Commission, to The Guardian.
Similarly, Google and Cisco offices in Mountain View and San Jose respectively, are too at risk but not as much as Facebook. However, should the Antarctic ice sheet melt, the seas will rise up beyond 6 feet and submerge all businesses.

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