Published On: Fri, Jun 24th, 2016

Britishers choose Brexit: UK to no longer be a part of European Union

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Brexit: Britain’s exit from European Union

The public of Great Britain has decided that their country leaves the European Union. After much suspense about Britain leaving the EU, the results were finally out with 51.9% people choosing ‘Brexit’ an amalgamation of Britain and exit.

Markets in turmoil after Brexit

British expats in Europe brought a legal challenge in U.K. courts earlier this year to try win the right to vote in Thursday’s referendum. The E.U. Court of Human Rights had ruled that the regulation was a violation of European citizens’ rights. Prime Minister David Cameron said at the time that the government would review the rule, but not until after the referendum—a decision that might have proved fateful to the Remain side.

David Cameron resigns as Britain’s Prime Minister

Shortly after the official announcement, Cameron stepped out of 10 Downing Street to make a brief statement in which he announced his intention to resign. Stating that a new Prime Minister will take charge in October to launch the process to leave EU.

Cameron, whose voice choked with emotion as he addressed media outside 10 Downing Street soon after the results in favour of Brexit had been confirmed, said that while nothing would change instantly, it will be a new Prime Minister who would “deliver the instruction” of the British public. Describing the referendum as a “giant democratic exercise,” Cameron said, “Across the world people have been watching the choice that Britain has made. I would reassure those markets and investors that Britain’s economy is fundamentally strong and I would also reassure Britons living in European countries and European citizens living here, that there will be no immediate changes in your circumstances.”

Nearly 30.6 million had turned out in Thursday’s referendum to deliver the verdict of 51.9 per cent in favour of Brexit and 48.1 per cent for Remain.

“There will be no initial change in the way our people can travel, in the way our goods can move or the way our services can be sold,” Cameron said.

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