Published On: Sun, Jun 12th, 2016

Frog airlifted 800 miles to get surgery after being accidentally run over by lawnmower

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An Australian woman has gone to extraordinary lengths to save a green tree frog. Min Tims from the remote mining town of Mount Isa, Queensland, accidentally ran over the amphibian with her lawnmower. Desperate to save the animal, she contacted Deborah Pergolotti, the president of Frog Safe frog hospital, 800 miles away in Cairns, and they organised for it to be flown to the hospital. Tims and her niece tended to the frog’s wounds and packaged it up for the flight. The frog is expected to make a full recovery.

An airline donated the appropriate pet carrier, but the amphibian still had to go through security like every other passenger — even being x-rayed. “Most of the public still doesn’t realize that frogs are not necessarily included in your typical wildlife rescue repertoire,” hospital president Deborah Pergolotti, told Australia’s ABC News. “It’s still one of the animals that have not really made it above that line — there’s almost a glass ceiling.”

Fortunately for this frog, there were a lot of people willing to help him leap through it.

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