Published On: Sun, Jul 31st, 2016

National level athlete from Uttarakhand drowns while taking selfie

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In another case of death due to selfie, Pooja Kumari a budding athlete from Uttarakhand lost her life while trying to click a selfie near the pond at the Sports Authority of India complex in Bhopal. The 20-year old from Uttarakhand drowned in a pond, while attempting to take a ‘risky selfie’ as termed by the local Police.

The report quoted a SAI official as saying that the victim didn’t know how to swim.

“As Pooja did not know the swimming she started screaming for the help. Other two athletes who was with her were also did not know swimming. They ran to the hostel for the help and came back after couple of minutes,” the official said.

According to local police, Pooja was clicking the selfie near the harvesting plant, beside the pond. Having joined SAI two years ago, she was quickly promoted to the SAI Centre of Excellence. During her time at the junior and sub-junior level, the girl from rural Uttarakhand also won the sub-junior national level gold in Delhi, a couple of years ago. However, she was out of the sport for close to three months nursing an injury. The incident took place late Saturday evening, triggering a detailed investigation in the process.

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