Published On: Thu, Jul 21st, 2016

No confidence notice against Speaker finds no support in the Uttarakhand Assembly

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Noisy scenes were witnessed in Uttarakhand Assembly today while a BJP sponsored no-confidence notice against Speaker and Deputy Speaker fell in the House as none of the signatories to it stood to speak in favour of it as they had walked out in protest against what they termed as “murder of democracy”.

The no-confidence notice against the Speaker was taken up after BJP members staged a walk out after a prolonged and noisy face off with the treasury benches over the constitutionality of the Speaker’s invitation to a presiding officer to chair the proceedings in his place with a non confidence motion pending against him.

Immediately after the boycott by opposition members, presiding officer Navprabhat took up the no-confidence notice against the Speaker and looked towards the empty opposition benches for someone to stand up and speak in favour of it.

“As there is no one to speak in favour of the notice it has fallen,” he announced and invited the Speaker to assume his seat.

Speaker G S Kunjwal made a similar announcement for the Deputy Speaker after assuming the Chair.

“As there is no one to speak in favour of the notice, it has automatically fallen,” Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal subsequently announced after resuming his chair when BJP MLAs had already made an exit and order was restored in the House.

The BJP members had moved the notice questioning the partisan conduct of the Speaker soon after crisis had erupted in the state Assembly on March 18 when BJP members along with nine rebel MLAs of the Congress had sought a division of votes on the appropriation bill.

Earlier, the two-day special session of Uttarakhand Assembly began on a stormy note with opposition BJP and treasury benches locked in a noisy stand-off over the Speaker’s right to invite a member of the House to preside over the proceedings despite a no-confidence motion pending against him and his deputy.

The noisy face-off between the two sides was sparked as soon as the House assembled and Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal invited the senior most member of the panel of presiding officers Navprabhat to preside over the proceedings saying he could not occupy the Chair with an opposition sponsored no-confidence motion notice pending against him since March 18.

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