Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2016

Decreasing water level in Tehri lake poses threat to nearby villages

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Residents of 12 villages living around the Tehri lake are tense following fear of land subsidence due to decrease in the water level of the Tehri Dam lake.

With the decrease in water levels, the embankments of the lake at several places begin to erode, resulting in frequent landslides threatening the existence of the affected villages in the region. The frequent landslides have instilled fear among the residents of Tulyada, Gailadi, Hadiyadi, Badhan Gaon, Kumrada villages along with a portion of the Pipal Mandi market at Chinyali Saud, etc. Villagers have been demanding rehabilitation or treatment of the affected area from the authorities who have turned a blind eye to the situation.

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