Manveer Gurjar won the title of Bigg Boss Season 10

Indiawala Manveer Gurjar won reality TV show Bigg Boss 10 on Sunday in a close fight with celebrity contestant Bani J. Manveer was overwhelmed by the love that the audience gave him and was also surprised that he won even when he was contesting against Bani J.
Manveer, who entered as a common man, is currently the most talked about person and that makes him no less than a celebrity. After receiving his trophy, Manveer exclusively spoke to The Times Of India about his journey on the show and his future plans.

I dont feel like a star. People are making me feel like one
“Ever since I picked up the trophy, people have been praising me. People are lining up for photos and they are shouting my name everywhere. People are making me feel like a star but inside, I’m still the same ‘desi banda’ that I always was.”
In the first week, I felt a little outcast
“People are telling me that I didn’t quite open up in the first week. Maybe because I had a very rough look and I had the ‘Gaonwala’ attitude, people didn’t think I am the right person to socialize with. But then as time passed, things started getting smoother.”
I always wanted to take revenge from Bani
“During the first week I was nominated because of Bani. I felt bad at that time. Later when she became the captain, she gave me a punishment and made me clean the dishes. That’s when I had thought that I will also become the captain one day and make her do something like this.”
If Manu talks bad about me, somewhere it will pinch me
“A lot of people are saying that Manu has taken a lot of credit for my success. I often choose to let go of these things. But if Manu talks bad about me, somewhere or the other it will pinch me.”
Nitibha and my relationship will be just friendship
“I see my relationship with Nitibha only as a friend. She might have said that she likes me and I like her. Liking is a state of mind. Sometimes you like someone only as a friend. Let’s see how things go once we meet. As of now, it’s nothing but friendship.”
Earlier I was afraid of Bani’s fan following
“I knew Bani had a very big fan following. Earlier, I was scared of Bani’s fan following. But then as people started coming inside the house, they started appreciating me and my confidence started growing. And when I saw the kind of people that had assembled at the mall when we were taken there, I was moved by the love that people were giving me. That’s when I understood that the audience is loving me.”
Bani is an inspiration for many girls
“A girl like Bani is a very rare sight. A girl with lots of tattoos, muscles and abs is very rare. I feel that Bani is an inspiration for many girls as she is sending out a message that ‘Ladkiyan aisi bhi hoti hai'”age that ‘Ladkiyan aisi bhi hoti hai'”

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