Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017
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Steve Waugh visited banks of Ganges in Varanasi

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Former Australian captain Steve Waugh has been a frequent visitor to Indian shores even after retiring from International cricket altogether. His charity work in Kolkata keeps bringing him back.
On Tuesday, Steve Waugh visited banks of Ganges in Varanasi. And the reason will warm the cockles of your heart.
Waugh was in Varanasi to scatter the ashes of a Sydney- based shoe-shiner. The man didn’t have a family and always wanted his ashes to be scattered in the holy river.
So when he is not fulfilling the last wishes of his friend, Waugh talks about the ‘Brain Fade’ DRS controversy surrounding the ongoing tournament of the Aussie team in India.
“It was a lifetime opportunity for me and I really wanted to visit that city. It has a very spiritual feeling. To have the honour and privilege of scattering the remains of Brian (Rudd), I feel great about it. He had a very tough life and didn’t have a family. His last wish was to have ashes scattered in the Ganges. I am very glad to have done something for him and it was a celebration of his life,” said Waugh.
“It is a big issue already. A lot of people are talking about it so I think it needs to come to finality pretty quick.”
It’s a shame we are focussing on one incident. Look, I have to go with Steve Smith when he says it was a brain fade and it wasn’t pre-meditated. We have to take him at face value. The good thing about the whole thing was that the umpire stepped in and made the decision straight away,” Waugh said at a promotional event in the national capital.

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