Reliance Jio exchange offer: Get 100% cashback on JioFi 4G router, free 4G data

As per several media reports, consumers can get 100 percent cashback on JioFi 4G router in exchange for old data card, dongle or hotspot router.
There are two plan models which the consumer can opt for.

Plan A

Consumers can exchange their old data card, dongle or router at any Jio Digital store or Jio Care store. They will 4G data worth Rs 2010 against the device exchanged.

The customers will have to pay Rs 1,999 and a mandatory first recharge of Rs 408 (including Rs 309 for the plan plus Rs 99 for a Jio Prime membership). The recharge will ensure freebies for 84 days for the customer. Technically, the customer gets the JioFi 4G router for free as the device exchanged offers a 100 percent value of Rs 2,010.

In total, the actual cost bared  by the customer will be only Rs 408.

Plan B

Under this plan, there is no need to exchange your existing dongle. Customers can buy JioFi at Rs 1999 after a first mandatory recharge of Rs 408 (Rs 309 + Rs 99).

But here, the customer will get 4G data worth only Rs 1005 which translates to the effective cost of Rs 994 (Rs 1999 – Rs 1005).

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