5 lakh liters of water wasted in the name of water line testing

While the world grapples with constant water shortages, ADB Wing and Jal Sansthan of Dehradun seem to have diffrent opinion about it. Around 4 years back ADB wing had laid water pipeline from Buddha Chowk to Survey Chowk and nearby areas. Due to lack of record keeping, the ADB wing is clueless about the areas through which the pipeline passes through. The officials of ADB Wing asked for water from the Jal Sansthan  to know the status of the line going from the roundabout and for testing it.

However, officials of ADB Wing had not called the Jal Sansthan’s official engineer in this regard and neither the concerned JE. The JE of Jal Nigam in the other area was told to do the line testing and opened the water in its 16-inch pipeline with the overhead tank located at the Survey-Chowk at 9.30 in the morning.

This line lies in Buddha Chowk and it has not been connected further. As a result, all the water started gushing out at Buddha Chowk. Since the line was 16 inches and the water pressure was so much that it started to come out as a geyser with a height of six to seven feet from the road. Seeing this, the people who were passing around were transfixed on the spot.

The people called the Jal Sansthan watching the water getting waste. Then the officials stopped the line from the Survey Chowk  However, ADB Wing wasted about five lakh liters of water in this period of 45 minutes. Its impact was on the supply of evening water in the respective areas.

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