Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

Copies of UOU students getting more than 80% marks or less than 30% marks to be rechecked

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Answer copies of Uttarakhand Open University students getting more than 80% marks or less than 30% marks to be re-evaluated by Vice Chancellor

Students attending Uttarakhand Open University will no longer be able to score marks arbitrarily. If a student gets more than 80 percent marks or less than 30 percent marks, then it will be re-examined. In order to find the right marks, the Vice Chancellors themself will re-evaluate the answer sheets of such students.

There are complaints about arbitrary evaluation in the Uttarakhand Open University. Some students get 80 percent marks, who do not have the assignment work, nor the proper answer sheet. Now this will not be the case, the university administration has decided to take strict action.

To stop this randomness, Vice Chancellor Prof. Nageshwar Rao will procure answer papers for such students. Call the specialist of the subject concerned and evaluate it in front of him. If there is negligence in evaluation, action against the concerned teacher will also be recommended.

Assignment number reduced from 40 to 20

The assignment work of a subject so far in the Open University was 40 marks. The maximum marks were being awarded to students in assignments irrespective of the quality of their work. To prevent this situation, the university has now made the assignment work 20 marks.

University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nageshwar Rao informed that in the distance education given by the Uttarakhand Open University, there is a whole new level of initiative for ensuring quality. To prevent arbitrariness, it will also be re-evaluated. The marks of assignment have also been deducted.

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