Facebook suffers more than 6 billion dollar loss in a single day after reports of data breach

After the reports of data leak surfaced, where the whole world is shocked on one side, on the other hand, the data leak of millions of users on the other side has also caused a major setback to Facebook. According to reports, on Monday, shares of the American social media gaint fell nearly 7 percent. Because of this, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has received a whopping $ 395 billion ($ 6.06 billion) loss in one day.

What is the Facebook Data Breach Case

As per information, UK based firm Cambridge Analyitca, helping Donald Trump, in the US presidential election has been accused of stealing personal information of more than five million Facebook users. This information has been used during the election. In this case, the US and European MPs asked Zuckerberg to appear before them. They want to know how Cambridge Analytica of Britain helped Donald Trump win presidential elections in America? Since the news, Facebook shares fell 7% on Monday.

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