Uttarakhand Government planning to hold cabinet meeting on Tehri Lake

To make tourism an important part of the state’s economy and to remove unemployment, the Trivendra Rawat led BJP government is going to the refuge of Bhagirathi (Ganga). There will be a meeting of the Cabinet soon on the Tehri lake. The objective is very clear that Tehri Lake will be set up on the tourism map of the country and the world. Simultaneously, the State Government is going to launch the Commission’s website soon to stop the migration and encourage reverse migration. Through this website, the general public will also be able to share their suggestions on migration.

With plenty of water resources, the desire to become an energy state, has not been fulfilled due to environmental restrictions. Thus, the government has now begun efforts towards making tourism the main source of income and employment. It will be started with a 45 km long lake built on Bhagirathi in Tehri.

Although, tourism development is being encouraged in the lake area, but the identity of Uttarakhand is yet to be established as a beautiful tourist place, except pilgrimage and religious tourism in the country and the world.

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