Dehradun-Mussoorie rope-way project to cost Rs 400 crore

If everything goes in accordance with the plan, then two years later, the Dehradun-Mussoorie ropeway project will be open to public. For this, the Tourism Department has prepared DPR (Detail Project Report) of rupees fou hundred crore. It will take only 20 minutes to go to Mussoorie from the 5½ km long Ropeway scheme. The work of land marking is being done for the planning these days.

Tourists often have to struggle with jams along the  35 km distance from Doon to Mussoorie. Not only this, many tourists return from halfway due to the jam during the season and snowfall. Lack of parking spaces in Mussoorie also make the tourists suffer. Given these problems, the tourism department has made a ropeway scheme. From Purkhul village of Dehradun, to Mussoorie Chowk, about 5 km ropeway which can accommodate up to 10 people from one side.

Through foreign Cable detachable Gondola technology will help tourists reach Mussoorie from Doon in just 18 to 20 minutes from. On this Ropeway project, the tourism department has demanded Grants under the Scheme of Quality Gap Funding  with the help of Central Tourism Ministry. After approval of Finance of Rs 400 crore Ropeway Project DPR, the tourism department will invite tenders.
The target of completing the tender process has been kept in May. After this, the ropeways towers will be made.

Two level tower parking

There will be multi level parking near the tower in Purkul village and Mussoorie. Purkul village has a car parking plan of about 15 hundred capacity. After parking the car here, the tourists will visit Mussoorie. In Mussoorie you will be able to travel to the nearby tourist spots including Kemptifall, Dhanotti, from private car. For this, land has been marked for parking near the two towers.

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  1. hi i m from delhi ,from my chidhood i m listning about this roapway ,dehradun mussooriee roapway .this is indian system .it should be finished now .

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