Female shooter kills self after injuring 4 civilians outside YouTube headquarters in California

In the US state of California, a female armed with a gun started firing at the YouTube headquarters, in which at least four people were injured. After this the female shooter shot herself.

San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini told that the woman  firing at the YouTube headquarters was found dead inside the building. He said that the female gunman shot herself and committed suicide. Barberini told that after the firing, there was a stampede was on the spot and the people were scared. On receiving the information about the shooting, the ambulance had reached the spot and the police asked people to stay away from the area. After that the Youtube Office was closed and people were evacuated.

Four people injured in this attack have been admitted to the hospital, where they are undergoing treatment. The condition of one of the injured is being described as critical. Officials say that one of the four people injured in the firing knew the female gunman. According to CBCS News, the injured youth is being described as the lover of the suspected female shooter. One of the two women injured in the shootout remains critical, while the situation of the other is being improved.

At present, the reason for the firing is not clear, but security agencies are investigating it after considering domestic disputes. Only after the investigation will the cause of the firing be cleared. At the same time, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai told the incident in the shootout at the YouTube headquarters as tragic. He issued the statement and said, “The tragic incident of firing at the YouTube headquarters can not be described in words. YouTube CEO Susan Wozny and I are focusing on supporting the staff and the YouTube community in this difficult watch. “

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