Kapil Sharma files FIR against journalist for extortion attempt

Kapil Sharma love affair with controversies seem to be never ending. After claiming his account was ‘hacked’ after a series of abusive tweets Kapil Sharma is at it again.  Kapil has accused these people of trying to extort 25 lakh rupees from him. It is reported that Kapil Sharma has filed a complaint against his former associate policy, Preeti and film journalist Vicky Lalwani for allegations of demanding Rs 25 lakh from him in Andheri police station. Kapil has alleged that Vicky Lalwani is trying to defame him in the media. Among them, a website editor, Vicky Lalwani, has released an audio conversation between himself and Kapil, in which Kapil is giving abusive language. He alleged that the said journalist had begun a series of false reports on digital media against him after he had refused to pay him the amount.

The case was caught media attention when Kapil’s Twitter handle posted a series of abusive language. When people started trolling him on social media, it was reported that his Twitter has been hacked. Although nothing had happened like this, Kapil gave the proof himself when he wrote a post on Friday night that it was he who had written those tweets.

But the tweets were deleted by his team. He also posted a copy of the complaint he had made against Lalwani.

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