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Kedarnath temple committee removes PM Modi’s promotion from laser show

A portion of the 22-minute film shown at the laser show on the walls of the temple of Kedarnath Dham has been removed. In this laser show, all mythological stories related to Baba Kedar are present, but on this part of the 22-minute film, the Badri Kedar Committee president Ganesh Godiyal ordered the closure of the laser show in which the works done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been mentioned.

Talking to Aaj Tak, temple committee president Ganesh Godiyal said, “We told the company of Gujarat showing this laser show in Baba Kedarnath, that we should show anything to anyone on Baba Kedarnath temple walls. But if the walls of Baba’s temple are used as advertisement for any political party , then we will immediately ban it. ‘

‘We will not allow the temple to become the arena of politics’

He said that this is Kedar’s court, no matter whether it is a president or a prime minister, nobody has any right to show his ad. No matter how big a person can be, it can not be equivalent to God, whether it be BJP’s leader or Congress, we will not allow the temple to become an arena of politics. We will not show anything about PM Narendra Modi on the walls of the temple.

PM Modi’s scenes cut off from laser show

When Ganesh Godiyal, President of Badri Kedarnath Temple Committee spoke to the company of Gujarat who got the responsibility to display laser show, the company admitted that the 5-minute scene related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be cut off, in which his work was mentioned. After this the temple committee has also acknowledged that there is no restriction on the side of the temple committee for depicting Lord Shiva only.

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