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Noteban 2.0? Uttarakhand grapples with cash shortage

Circumstances in Uttarakhand have become similar like at the time of demonitization in India. In the mountainous areas where the banks are not paying more than five thousand rupees, ATMs are also lying vacant. The cash crisis in Garhwal division’s Pauri, Chamoli, Tehri, Uttarkashi and Rudraprayag has gone very deep. The biggest reason for this is that in many areas of the mountain, SBI and PNB have branches, most of which have difficulty in cash. There is a problem in Dehradun, Haridwar, Roorkee and Rishikesh, but there is not much problem due to availability of cash in other banks here.

Pauri: Marriage functions getting effected due to cash crunch

On Tuesday in Pauri, there was also the problem of cash in banks. Due to lack of cash, all SBI ATMs are lying vacant. The account holders are not able to get the money according to the requirement. Cash shortage are coming due to the absence of cash from the RBI. People are coming to the bank for cash these days due to marriage season. There is no cash in SBI’s more than half a dozen ATMs in Pauri, which is why people are returning empty handed. On the other hand, the account holder can not get more than five thousand in the bank. SBI Deputy Manager PC Tanwar has said that due to lack of cash, the cash is not being deposited at the ATM. He said that arrangements are being made in cases related to marriage and sickness etc. Trying to get money in such cases is needed. The other account holders are being given a sum of 5 thousand in a day.

Tehri does not have cash in 12 ATM, people get annoyed

There is a huge scarcity of cash in new Tehri banks and ATMs. Cash was not available at 12 ATMs on Tuesday. Many ATMs have hung out ‘No Cash’ sign. People were engaged in the line to take the cash. At the same time there is a scarcity of cash in the banks. In the banks, customers are not able to get cash according to demand. On the other hand, Deputy Director of SBI New Tehri branch Deepak Kothiyal said that after the ban, only one-third of the cash is available in the bank. Efforts are being made to meet the needs of all the customers from the cash available in the bank.

Money not available at ATMs in Chamoli

Gopeshwar having 20 ATMs under SBI in Chamoli district, only four or five ATMs are having cash. That too in small quantities Even in direct withdrawal from the bank, it is becoming difficult for the customers to withdraw their money.  In Gopeshwar, State Bank Manager ML Tamta says that the amount is coming from the RBI in small amounts. 100 crore rupees came 3 days ago which was distributed among banks. New money is expected to come in a day or so.

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