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Outsource employees to be removed from cooperative banks

More than 180 outsourced and service extension employees working in district and state co-operative banks are going to lose their jobs.
The Cooperative Department has written instructions to all the cooperative banks to terminate services of outsourced and retired employees. After this the co-operative bank management is also in a state of confusion. Most of the banks have appointed employees through their own outsourced committee including clerk, guards, driver.

There are more than 180 branches of 10 district co-operative banks in the state. Some employees are being kept o in all district co-operative banks through outsourcing. Apart from this, the retiring employees have also been adjusted by re-employment in co-operative banks. 19 employees of Nainital District Co-operative Bank have also been kept through outsourcing. While seven retired employees have been placed on the job again. Similar work is going on in all cooperative banks. In order to eliminate this, the department has written a letter to all the banks.

Appointment by creating an own outsourced agency

Most of the district cooperative banks have made their own outsourced agency. The same agency has been involved to hire outsourced employees in the bank. In the same way, in the co-operative banks, those who are being recruited from outsourced for years have been kept in the in-service permanent service.

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