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Air India could face a $ 88 million fine for delay in flight

Government  carrier Air India may have to pay a fine of US $ 88 million to 323 passengers due to delays on the May 9 Delhi-Chicago flight. This flight was delayed due to the withdrawal of discounted duty (FDTL) given to crew members. Air India and Federation of Indian Airlines filed a petition in the Delhi High Court demanding an amendment to the directive given to DGCA on 18th April, which does not permit the transfer of FDTL.

The flight AI 127 was to go to Chicago on May 9 and the flight time was 16 hours. However, due to bad weather, the flight could not land at the appointed time and it was altered and sent to nearby Milwaukee.

The flight from Chicago to Milwaukee was 19 minutes away. Passengers traveling in the plane had already traveled for 16 hours, but the crew member deterred the matter at the time of duty. Actually, the crew member’s duty had been completed and because of the withdrawal of the transfer, the crew members were allowed to take the aircraft only once on that day.

According to Air India sources, after the order of the High Court, due to the withdrawal of the duties by the DGCA in the hours of duty, the airline had no choice but to arrange new members of the pilots only. They were sent by road to Milwaukee to take charge of the flight.

Because of this, the flight could leave for Chicago after a six-hour delay. Passengers remained in the plane during this time. After this, the stringent guidelines of the US increased the trouble, which accuses the ‘Terminal Delay’ on the air when this is delayed. According to the American Guideline, if the passengers are stranded for more than four hours in an international flight, then the airline is guilty of ‘Terminal Deal’.

Sources said that in such a case, there may be a fine of USD 27,500 per passenger on airline. There were 323 passengers on board, according to which the penalty could be $88 million US dollars.

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