Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to meet in Singapore on June 12

US President Donald Trump today tweeted that the much anticipated meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un will take place on June 12 in Singapore.

The time and place for the meeting of US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is decided.  Giving this information to its official Twitter account, Donald Trump wrote, “The much-awaited meeting between Kim Jong Un and me will be held on June 12 in Singapore. We will both try to make this meeting special for global peace. “US President Donald Trump had said on Friday (May 4th) that the date and place of his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong has been fixed and his announcement will be announced shortly. The White House had said that Trump had been ready to meet Kim until May and that the location was not decided. Trump told journalists on the sidelines of the White House for a trip to Texas, “We have now decided the date and place and the announcement will be announced in this regard soon.”

He said, “We are having a very important conversation with North Korea and many things have already happened in relation to the hostages.” Trump said, “Keep watching, as I said yesterday. I think you will be seeing very good things. “Trump had confirmed this meeting himself in a tweet, but had said that the US ban on North Korea would continue until the agreement on nuclear release was made.

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